The 2016 IMBA Graduation Ceremony was held at the international conference room on June 11, 2016. Students of the 2014 IMBA program gathered here to share this memorable moment. After two years of great effort and development, the students are excited to turn to a new page of their exciting lives.

To start off the graduation ceremony, the president of National Chengchi University, Professor Edward Chou, shared some encouraging words. He hopes students can remember to support and promote business ethics and corporate responsibility, making a world a better place. “If people who don’t know you also respect you because of your contribution to many people, then you will be a very successful business leader.” he quoted.

The director of the IMBA program, Professor Samuel Chen advised the students to utilize the resources the IMBA program has to offer, including the strong alumni family. Until today, there all more than 600 alumni that are located over 50+ countries. Professor Samuel Chen encourages students to take hold of this advantage, leveraging the connection between the alumni family to create more business opportunities.

The keynote speaker this year is the Chairman of Bora Pharmaceuticals, Bobby Sheng. He reminded students that “Luck” comes from “Hard work” and “Opportunities”. “If you work hard and the opportunity comes, that is when you will have your luck,” he mentioned. He also reminded students to be happy in the process of pursuing one’s goals. “In the pursuit of happiness, the happiness is actually in the pursuit.”

IMBA graduate Carlino Manuel Gonzalez-Garcia from Dominican Republic, encouraged students to be different. “Don’t let the expectations of others define you,” he mentioned, advising students to define what they think is success.

IMBA Graduate Jerry Huang and his family celebrated this memorable moment. He is looking forward to the bright future ahead and will cherish the unforgettable moments he shared with his classmates in the two years of the program. Cynthia Katerine Garcia was a little bit sad to have to have to say goodbye to her classmates but was also very excited to enter this new phase life.

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